Practical Test


Learner insurance

Marmalade learner insurance allows a learner driver to practise in a family or friend’s car without risking the No Claims Bonus of the owner.

The car must have primary insurance in the owner’s name and our insurance will not cover a car owned by the learner driver.

We can insure cars up to Group 32, with a maximum market value of £20,000, that are under 20 years old.

It is a fully comprehensive insurance policy with an excess of £250 priced from £75 for 30 days cover, with the option to take out for 60 or 90 days for a further discount. They are able to renew as often as you need until your pupil has passed their test. This insurance ceases as soon as the learner driver passes their test and as such will not cover them to drive home from the test once they have passed

Learner drivers can get a quote online by simply entering their postcode and they can ask questions by phone or by live chat via our website

New drivers insurance

We use the most advanced black box technology available to help young drivers develop and maintain the safe driving skills that make them a lower risk, therefore bringing down the cost of their insurance premium

There are no curfews with our policy and we give the maximum discount from outset. There are no complicated or performance related schemes needed for them to achieve greater discounts because we like to keep things fair and simple.

We cover ages 17-24, for cars that are no more than 9 years old and up to a maximum engine size of 1.4 litres.

This fully comprehensive policy requires the fitting of our advanced telematics device, which monitors the driver ABCs – acceleration, braking, cornering and speed.

Cars for young drivers

Cars for Young Drivers is a combined car purchase and insurance scheme designed to offer affordable ways to get young drivers into newer, safer cars. We give a package of benefits to the young driver starting from the age of 17.

  • A brand new car with a choice of the most popular models
  • Free insurance for the first 12 months which is called “Fuel and Go” or an insurance contribution of up to £1,750 called “Get It and Go” (dependent on postcode)
  • Telematics – our clever black box technology keeps their insurance low and helps them develop safer driving skills
  • Finance – we’ve got a range of finance options to suit their needs



When obtaining a quote or taking out a policy, please select Pass Co on the referrals question at the end.

Many thanks.