I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor than Dave. Whether it’s his great sense of humour or friendly and approachable attitude, Dave made every lesson beyond enjoyable.

Although I didn’t initially start my driving practice with him, I definitely would not have been able to pass first time with so few faults without him.

Dave’s even made me realise that it isn’t my lucky/same shoes that makes a good driver, it’s the instructor. I’m honoured to say I was his 75th pass and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn!

Lauren Berry-Richards
High Wycombe

Dave has been so supportive throughout my time learning to drive with him. After a disastrous 5 lessons with another driving instructor, I came to Dave for driving lessons and am so glad that I did!

Dave is so encouraging and reassuring even when I made mistakes over and over again. Dave is very easy to talk to and you can have a good laugh with him. I will definitely be recommending Dave to everyone I know!

Thanks for everything 🙂

Claire Marshall
High Wycombe

A big thank you to Dave for all his hard work helping me to pass my test second time around. Must have the patience of a saint! A calming relaxed teacher who puts you at ease straight away

Coral Miller

Dave Pascoe is friendly, approachable, kind and extremely knowledgeable; everything you look for in a perfect driving instructor!
I have been learning with Dave on a weekly basis since February and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have passed my test first time yesterday (1/7/15) with zero faults.
During each lesson I had, Dave remained calm even when I was stressed or panicking about a situation. Dave also encouraged you to have input into the lessons, asking where you feel your weaknesses lie and what you would like to focus on. He also covered all aspects of the test so that you feel completely prepared for it when the test date comes around.
I highly recommend Pass Co driving school for all new learner drivers, choosing this instructor will be one of the best decisions you ever make!
Thanks again Dave!

Lizzie Donaldson
Lacey Green

Dave is a great, friendly, informative instructor. He helped me get through my test quickly first time. He is to the point and helped me to improve week on week.
I’ll be recommending him to whom ever I can

Kier Robinson
High Wycombe

Very, very glad Dave was recommended to me by three of my friends who also passed first time under his guidance. Every single lesson was helpful and every single lesson I made noticeable improvements up to the point when my driving was pass-worthy in time for my test. Dave is patient, supportive and undeniably encouraging. He is also not afraid to tell you straight when he thinks there are improvements to be made, for which I am thankful.

Could not recommend Pass Co enough, Dave is a professional and exceptional instructor who continues to produce exceptionally skilled and safe drivers


Adam Chowdrey

Dave Pascoe helped me hugely when I was preparing for my driving test. Although I didn’t learn with him from scratch, he taught me loads in a short space of time and was always enthusiastic! He remained calm whenever I made mistakes and had a great sense of humour! I would definitely recommend Dave to anyone wanting to learn how to drive- I wouldn’t have passed my test first time without all his advice and support!

Sonia Atwal
High Wycombe

Dave Pascoe, the best driving instructor you could ever ask for.

Dave was very devoted to ensure that I passed my driving test. Dave has taught me, from scratch how to become a safe, confident driver. From the start Dave built up my confidence and knowledge.

Every lesson was enjoyable and useful as Dave would always plan my lessons to ensure I was always learning and correcting any problems. This made me become an experienced young driver which enabled me to conduct my test relaxed.

Dave had the ability to identify when it was the correct time for me to book my test based on my ability to drive safely and confidently.
Everything was explained in detail which enabled me to learn quickly and become confident in any scenario.

Dave is very approachable which enabled me to ask any questions to help me develop my learning and find solutions to any concerns that I had.

Dave always made me feel comfortable while I was behind the wheel and was always punctual and very reliable.

I cannot thank him enough for teaching me how to drive safely with confidence.

If anyone can teach you to drive in a safe, confident manner with enjoyable lessons in a relaxed environment Dave Pascoe is the man, no questions asked. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone looking for a professional, dedicated driving instructor.

Jonathan Chidgey
High Wycombe

Dave is a great guy and an amazing teacher. Although I failed my test first time round he gave me the belief and confidence that I could pass when my confidence was broken. The lessons were always enjoyable and i would defiantly recommend Dave Pascoe to anyone wanting to learn! Hopefully with me having now passed he can finally get those “new” trainers out the box and go one those runs he’s always on about!

James Wheal

“I learned to drive from scratch with Dave Pascoe – I found him to be informative and patient; very professional indeed and with a sense of humour to ease the nerves on occasions. I would recommend him, without hesitation, to teach driving at any level be they a starter or already with some experience.”

Mali Harnkhuntod
High Wycombe