New Drivers

Of course, we would like you to pass your driving test as soon as possible; however, we want you to pass with skills that last! Our first priority is to ensure you are proficient in car control, anticipation and planning, to help keep you and your passengers safe on the road for many years to come. In the early years after gaining your licence, you are statistically most at risk, but we will teach you to drive and survive on all kinds of roads, not just the ones you might cover on your test.

Once we both agree that you are ready for your test, we will organise a mock test to give you an insight into the real event. We will offer you support and resources to help you study for your theory and hazard perception tests.

For new drivers, we offer a reduced rate trial session to give you a taster.

Trial Session (one hour) – £20.00

Hourly sessions – £30.00

1.5 Hour sessions – £45.00

Two-hour sessions – £60.00

Block of 10 hours – £290.00 (can be taken as 1 hour, 1.5 hour or 2 hour sessions)

Post Test Drivers

We would love to help you further develop your skills, or increase your confidence in areas where you feel you need some assistance. Our post-test sessions will be adapted to your needs; we frequently provide refresher sessions for people who have not driven for a while, motorway classes, parking tuition, guidance for parents to help their children practice, and familiarisation of UK roads for international licence holders.

Hourly sessions – £30.00

1.5 Hour sessions – £45.00

Two-hour sessions – £60.00


If you supply vehicles to your staff for business and personal use, we can offer an assessment of their driving, to ensure that they are safe and courteous whilst using your vehicles, and representing your company. After consulting with you on the results of these observations, we are able to offer further training for your drivers where required.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for a personalised quotation based on your fleet and requirements.

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