Client-Centred Driver Training & Coaching

Pass with skills that last!

It’s all about You! It’s Your training!

We provide the environment and expertise to help you develop your driving skills. We work to your agenda, which becomes our agenda.

We never forget the importance of helping you to learn in a style that suits you. We get to know you, tailor our coaching to your needs, and guide you on your journey to becoming a safe and confident driver.

We are very conscious of the fact that some people will find learning to drive more difficult than others. We are experienced in working with people who are nervous, suffer from anxiety or have other specific needs, and our programme will be adapted to suit you. You will learn at your pace, not ours!

  • I’ve had a great time learning to drive with Dave!
    I wanted to pass my test this summer before going back to uni, and couldn’t have done it without his expertise. His calm manner meant I always felt relaxed behind the wheel, and helped to make me feel confident in my ability as a driver. I looked forward to my lessons, and always had a good time!
    I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Dave to you
    Harvey Klyne
  • It has been a real pleasure working with Dave throughout my driving lessons.

    Not only is he an excellent, dedicated instructor who gets the best out of his students, he is also a lovely guy and great company. His calm and patient attitude to teaching meant that right from the start I felt at ease behind the wheel, and I am now a confident and safe driver thanks to the skills that Dave has imparted on me.

    I highly recommend Dave to anyone looking to learn to drive, and guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the experience if you choose Pass Co!

    Toby Hale

    Toby Hale
    Holmer Green
  • Dave was an amazing driving instructor. So patient and always keeps challenging you from the first lesson.

    When starting lessons, I was worried I would have a similar experience to my sister, where I would drive around a car park for a couple of lessons. I was so happy that we didn’t go anywhere near one and focused on actually driving around and growing my confidence on the road.

    Dave is so flexible, efficient and willing to go the extra mile to help you out. Being so anxious to go on the road, Dave puts you at ease right away!

    I can’t thank him enough for everything he has done! Definitely recommend him to anyone looking for lessons.

    Sabrina Sangha

    Sabrina Sangha
    High Wycombe
  • If you are looking for a calm, patient and thorough instructor, look no further. I was recommended Dave through a family friend and I personally will recommend him to everyone who wants to learn how to drive.

    I really enjoyed our driving lessons and I felt safe in his car at all times. I especially enjoyed his sense of humour which put me at ease behind the wheel.

    Thank you very much Dave, for helping me to pass my test and gain confidence in a car.


    Amy Brown
    Great Kingshill
  • Dave was recommended to me by a family friend and I’m glad he was because he has helped me become more confident with my driving.

    I enjoyed my lessons with Dave and felt very at ease with him, from my very first lesson I knew that he was the right instructor for me.

    Kate Jackson

    Kate Jackson
  • When I started driving I was very nervous and anxious. From my very first lesson Dave helped me to build up my confidence, and didn’t make me feel worried or embarrassed when things went wrong. When I was over-cautious, Dave pushed me to develop my driving skills, as he recognised it was only my nerves holding me back. Once I developed my confidence, I was able to progress, and I even passed first time!

    Dave is a calm and skilled instructor who can have a laugh and at the same time help you develop the skills and confidence to be a safe driver.

    I would recommend Pass Co to anyone who is learning to drive, and especially to anyone who is anxious about being on the road.

    Lindsay Horler


    Lindsay Horler
    Chalfont St Peter
  • I started my driving lessons with Dave with no experience of driving and being quite nervous. Dave quickly made me feel very comfortable and taught me to enjoy driving.

    Dave has always been very supportive and was great at building up my confidence on the road. He made sure that I was happy with every element of driving. Dave conducted a mock test a couple of weeks before my test, which was very helpful in making sure that I didn’t make the same mistakes in my test.

    Dave helped me to pass first time and has been a brilliant driving instructor, I would definitely recommend him to any learner driver.

    Thank you


    Laura Kay
    Walters Ash
  • Huge thanks to Dave who was the best driving instructor!

    When I first started lessons I was nervous and honestly had no idea what I was really doing, so it was great to have an instructor like Dave that made you feel comfortable and confident which is essential when driving!

    I would recommend Dave to every learner driver and would just like to say thank you so much!


    Heather Anderson
  • Dave is a very skilled and passionate professional, who’s main concern is making sure you are comfortable behind the wheel.

    As well as being extremely reassuring, Dave constantly motivates you to succeed in a manor in which you are comfortable. He enables you to take things at your own pace, which will only better your progression.

    Something dave once told me, which will stick by me, epitomises his philosophy as an instructor. ‘Don’t fear the challenge, embrace it’.

    Thanks again to Dave to all his hard work and dedication, i can not recommend him highly enough.

    Dan Harrison

    Dan Harrison
  • Dave is an excellent driving instructor and I would highly recommend him to any learner driver!

    He is friendly and supportive. It took me a while to build my confidence and Dave’s encouragement really helped me with this.
    He takes the time to ensure you are happy with every aspect of driving and is full of great advice and tips!

    He taught my sister and she was full of praise for him too.

    I am glad I passed but will miss my weekly chat with Dave 🙂

    Thank you


    Olivia Vincent
    Bledlow Ridge
  • Dave has been the best instructor I could’ve asked for. He was always efficient, on time and willing to be flexible where I wanted.

    The progression through each of my lessons was just right I would say, encouraging me to go further each lesson so lessons for me weren’t repetitive as I did practise in between.

    Dave was always positive, encouraging, calm and supportive which thoroughly helped me with my confidence on the road. He was very conscientious and wanted what’s best for the individual student.

    I would definitely recommend him to absolutely everyone!

    Thank you Dave !


    Kathryn Robinson
  • I started my driving lessons back in September with Dave, and immediately felt confident and at ease. Dave was very helpful and patient and gave me the confidence to learn and enjoy my driving lessons.

    Dave helped me gain valuable experience on the roads, he never made me feel like I couldn’t do something, and was always positive about my driving.

    He helped me pass my test first time with only 2 minors, which is why I would highly recommend Dave as a driving instructor.

    James Pettitt


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